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Multi-award winning advice from Spain’s fastest growing financial advisory.

  • Fully licensed, qualified and regulated to give financial advice to both Spanish and UK residents.
  • Providing financial advice to clients across the whole of Spain.
  • We declare 100% of all fees and commissions received.
  • Fair, ethical pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Financial planning solutions from household names you know and trust.
  • 100% independent, client focussed advice.
  • No tie-in means Chorus remain fully accountable to our clients at all times and strive to provide the best financial advisory service in Spain.
  • No jargon – expert financial advice that is easy to understand.
  • Chorus can offer funds that are directly regulated by the FCA in the UK.
  • The option to have your investments managed by an FCA regulated Chartered Financial Planner; the height of industry experience and expertise.
  • We will beat any like any like-for-like quote from any regulated adviser in Spain on all popular products, including SIPPs, QROPs, Investment Platforms, and Spanish Compliant Bonds – for example, Prudential, Quilter PLC/OMI, Lombard, SEB etc.

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The advisers trading as Chorus Financial are members of OpesFidelio and authorised to give financial advice subject to contract in parts of the EEA, including Spain, CNMV Nº Registro Oficial 3970. OpesFidelio is a trademarked network of the Aisa Group which includes Aisa Financial Planning Ltd and Aisa International s.r.o. Aisa Financial Planning is authorised and regulated in the UK as an independent financial adviser for UK retail clients by the Financial Conduct Authority, Reference number: 189652, and has permissions throughout the EEA under both directives IDD and MiFID. Aisa International s.r.o. is authorised and regulated in the Czech Republic as a financial adviser by the Czech National Bank and has permissions through selected EEA countries including Spain.

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