Sam Kelly DipPFS, EFA, BA (Hons)

Managing Partner & Financial Planner +34 664 398 702

Dear Twitter Verified,

I have created this page on our official website to prove beyond refute that I am eligible for verification. I feel there is a pattern that leading figures in the European financial sector are consistently overlooked in comparison to their US counterparts, so thought the following information may help:

I would like to post in a more professional capacity on Twitter, but my account has been cloned several times, and my followers have been targeted with financial scams. As the MD of a firm with £100s of millions of assets under management I have to be fairly careful tweeting in a professional capacity from an unverified account which is so easily cloned – I’m sure you can appreciate why I would not want to open our client-base up to being the targets of financial frauds that proliferate on twitter.

In conclusion, I feel as one of Europe’s most influential financial marketers, a finance columnist at the mostly widely read English newspaper in Europe (outside the UK), someone who is responsible for £100s of millions of investor funds, an active sustainable energy advocate and a regular twitter influencer it would be helpful and more secure for my account to be verified, and I would very much appreciate it if you would do so. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Sam Kelly