The One Portfolio

Ever since we opened the doors to our first office back in 2014, Chorus Financial have aimed to offer the very best solutions for Brits living in Spain. The quality of financial services in Spain has been incredibly poor over the years, and in many cases continues to be so. Many advisers practise without recognisable qualifications, and many firms operate without appropriate licenses. This has led to a number of high profile scandals, where sadly Brits living here in Spain have experienced losses.

During this time, Chorus have built up a reputation as one of the most trusted firms operating in Europe, winning two major International Adviser awards along the way. Thanks to our impeccable reputation, transparency and dedication to client care, we have become one of the most recommended firms in Spain. All our advisers are qualified and recognised by the EFPA Espana, the Spanish Association of Financial Advisors and Planners, and provide advice that is MiFID II licensed, the legislative framework instituted by the European Union (EU) to regulate financial markets and improve protections for investors.

Chorus OfficeWe operate 2 busy offices on the Costa Blanca, and service happy clients across the whole of Spain, including the islands. In many cases our solutions have saved clients 70% or more in fees, and always ensure our clients are looked after by the highest quality financial institutions operating in Europe.

The One Portfolio is the pinnacle of our offering. We have designed this solution to be perfect for both pensions (including transfers) and standalone investments, and through a partnership with Brooks Macdonald, one of Europe’s leading investment firms, we have secured a low cost, robust investment solution.

The One Portfolio Typical Spanish Investment Bond Offering
Regulation All advisers provide MiFID II Regulated Advice through a regulated network registered with the Spanish regulators; the DGS & CNMV. May only have basic ‘Insurance’ regulation inappropriate for investment advice.
Qualification All advisers are Qualified & Registered with the European Financial Planners Association, España. No requirement for adviser qualification.
Initial Fee Maximum 1% initial fee – discounts for larger investments.

•100% penalty free access to your funds from day one

•Guaranteed full fee disclosure

•Complex commission arrangement between provider & adviser

•Potential for high, undisclosed fees to adviser

•Often long tie-ins

•Can have significant exit fees

Ongoing Adviser Fee Maximum 1%. Dedicated personal service & advice from a qualified adviser based in Spain. Discounts for larger investments. Can be layered with adviser fees & fund ‘kick-backs’. No guarantee of advice being qualified.
Ongoing Product Fees 0.5% – all inclusive.

Investment Platform with 24/7 Access

Includes dedicated Professional Portfolio      Management from Brooks Macdonald

Includes all dealing & custody fees

A range of risk-rated portfolios in GBP, EUR & USD.

Multi-layered & complex products may include:

High annual bond fees

Additional bond admin fee

High dealing fees

Unqualified Investment Management

Lack of transparency

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