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Chorus Financial pride ourselves on offering the best Investment Management in Spain, basing our client portfolios on UK best practises. We can offer funds that are directly regulated by the FCA in the UK and offer solutions from household names including Schroders, Rathbones, Fundsmith, Royal London, Vanguard and more. 100% independent, client focussed portfolio management with clear, value for money charging structures which we guarantee will be lower than any like-for-like recommendation in Spain.

Chorus will review your existing arrangements for free, without pressure or obligation, and clearly demonstrate how we can improve the performance of your current investments whilst reducing fees.

Many expats are unaware that their UK based investments like ISAs, Premium Bonds and other NS&I products are not suitable for Spanish residents and could potentially lead you to unwittingly break tax laws that can lead to large, unexpected fines. Even simply leaving money in your UK bank account can create complex reporting requirements that can easily be avoided.

Some of the World’s largest companies, including household names like The Prudential, Royal London and Old Mutual have created products designed specifically for expats living in Spain. These products can allow you to achieve investment growth, reduce taxation and are also fully compliant in Spain, so can help to avoid lengthly and complicated tax requirements.

Unlike many advisories here in Spain, Chorus can now offer Spanish compliant products with no tie-in or exit fees from as little as 0.25% per annum.

Nothing within this website should be regarded as a recommendation to invest; a recommendation will only be made following a full individual assessment of suitability and appropriateness.

To find out more about how Chorus can help you achieve tax efficient returns on your savings or investments, Request A Call Back now by completing the form to the right or call Chorus on +34 965 641 163 to speak with an advisor.

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